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Building structures that fight to give a voice to the speechless is one of the values I learnt to care the most as a working woman, and that is the reason why I feel engaged with teaching music. Music is a tool to learn a whole different language and improve intelligence and creativity, no matter which is your background. Music is a way of finding how to express yourself in a specific language, and it is at the same time a fun and fascinating process. As a music teacher, I face a challenge every time I train a student, because learning music and learning piano implies a very personal developement.

I am a superior piano professor and I have started teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my home country. In the first semester of 2018 I worked as a full-time piano teacher in WKMT Piano Institute in London, UK, where I have trained and developed my pedagogic skills working with students from all around the world. This experience allowed me to mentor from professionals to early ages with very diverse backgrounds. These are the kind of experiences worth working for, and that confirm my engagement to my pedagogic aims. I am intending to continue this project in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where I live now and where I intend to share my knowledge and experience with new students.

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Aleksandra started her music career in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studying classical piano with Mgs. Paula Peluso and Claudio Santoro. She graduated with honours as a superior piano and music professor from the Buenos Aires Superior Conservatory of Music “Ástor Piazzolla”. She also studied music composition and piano at the National University of Arts (Argentina). Despite she had an academic education as a pianist and composer, Aleksandra specialized her studies in latin american and argentinian music. She studied tango and latin folk music with great pianists as Hilda Herrera, Nicolás Guerschberg and Hernán Possetti.

She performed several times at the International Tango Festival of Buenos Aires with “Orquesta Típica Esquina Sur” (musical conducting, piano and arrangements) and other musical projects. She also worked as a sessionist musician for ensembles of different musical genres. Aleksandra has also devoted her career to music and piano teaching.

In 2018 she was awarded a scholarship for studying Vicente Scaramuzza’s piano technique with Maestro Juan Rezzuto in London, UK. After, she moved to Rotterdam, Netherlands to enrol for the Master of Music in World Music (tango) at CODARTS University of Arts, which is her current occupation.

Aleksandra comenzó su carrera musical en Buenos Aires, Argentina, estudiando piano clásico con Mgs. Paula peluso y claudio santoro. Se graduó con honores como profesora superior de piano y música en el Conservatorio Superior de Música de Buenos Aires "Ástor Piazzolla". También estudió composición musical y piano en la Universidad Nacional de las Artes (Argentina). A pesar de que tenía una educación académica como pianista y compositora, Aleksandra se especializó en estudios de música latinoamericana y argentina. Estudió tango y música popular latina con grandes pianistas como Hilda Herrera, Nicolás Guerschberg y Hernán Possetti.

Actuó varias veces en el Festival Internacional de Tango de Buenos Aires con "Orquesta Típica Esquina Sur" (dirección musical, piano y arreglos) y otros proyectos musicales. También trabajó como músico sesionista para conjuntos de diferentes géneros musicales. Aleksandra también ha dedicado su carrera a la enseñanza de música y piano.

En 2018 recibió una beca para estudiar la técnica de piano de Vicente Scaramuzza con el maestro Juan Rezzuto en Londres, Reino Unido. Después, se mudó a Rotterdam, Países Bajos para inscribirse en el Master de Música en World Music (tango) en la Universidad de Artes CODARTS, que es su ocupación actual.


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Live videos

Mañanitas de Montmarte (tango) - Lucio Demare - piano solo Aleksandra Tonelli

Cartas de Amor que se Queman - Cuchi Leguizamón (piano solo - arr. Aleksandra Tonelli)

"Mañanitas de Montmartre" (Lucio Demare - tango) - Live in London - 2018

"Buscándote" (Osvaldo Fresedo - tango) 2017


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